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NUGUNA Earphones

Safety Wireless Earphones

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Why NUGUNA Safety Earphones?

Listening to your favorite music in exactly that right volume is something we all love. However, using earphones isolates you from the environment.

The louder the volume the less aware you are of important sounds around you.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the volume of critical sounds in our environment. We can’t increase the volume of a car honking while we walk or bike down the street. We also can’t increase the volume of alarms in the office, in public buildings or even, sometimes, at home.

NUGUNA earphones are wireless earphones that detect sounds and alert the wearer towards the direction of sounds in their surroundings with vibrations.

NUGUNA earphones take on the sound- detecting, safety feature of the ears leaving you able to safely enjoy your favorite music.

Design and colors

Right Earphone

Left Earphone

Right Microphone

Right Vibration Motor

Left Microphone

Left Vibration Motor


NUGUNA Smartphone Application


Works with an integrated mobile application.

Can be configured by using the application to set up vibration notification at specific times.

Various vibration frequencies can be set for SMS and social media notifications.

There when you need it


Our Team

Fedora Lee
Fedora Lee
Prof. Diana Son (Ph.D.)
Technical Advisor
Prof. Diana Son (Ph.D.)
Technical Advisor
Agnes Han
Agnes Han
John Yoon
John Yoon
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NUGUNA Neckband

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Is it a medical device?

NUGUNA Neckband is not a medical device.

What does NUGUNA mean?

NUGUNA means ‘anyone’ in Korean.

Who is NUGUNA Neckband designed for?

NUGUNA Neckband is designed for all people with hearing loss.

It is designed to improve the quality of life for those born with hearing loss,

those who develop hearing loss for various reasons later in life, and for those with age-related hearing loss.

Is NUGUNA Neckband water proof?

It is water resistant, however not designed to come in prolonged contact with water.

Can children use NUGUNA Neckband?

Yes! However, the product on sale in the current Kickstarter campaign is designed for adults. Please be patient while we develop a device designed specifically for children.

Do you plan to introduce more color options in the future?

The current options include white and wine colored devices.

If you would like to purchase a specific color please share it with us on the Kickstarter feedback page.

Does NUGUNA Neckband fit all neck sizes?

The current NUGUNA Neckband is 8.3 inches (21 cm) and should feet the vast majority of customers. However, we intend to expand the size range in the future.

When will the mobile application be released?

The mobile application will be released along with the shipment of our first products in December 2017.

What operating systems and which versions does the application support?

The application supports both Android and iOS operating systems.

What languages does the application support?

The app supports English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

We are preparing to expand language support in accordance with our customer base and demand.

Can the vibration be set to your own preferences?

The ‘NUGUNA Neckband ON’ (NNO-001) model can be adjusted according to your preferences through the ‘NUGUNA Neckband’ mobile application. Vibration strength can be adjusted between 2 settings and vibration frequency between 1 to 10 vibrations.

From what distance can NUGUNA detects sound?

Distance is not the significant variant for NUGUNA Neckband. It is designed to detect high pitched sounds, and so will detect the sound according to its frequency rather than distance.

The device does not successfully pair with Bluetooth. It instructs me to enter a PIN code.

Differently from other Bluetooth devices, NUGUNA Neckband uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to save energy.

In order to connect with the device, you should open the application and connect directly from its interface.

Is there any danger in being exposed to the electromagnetic waves emitted from the device?

Bluetooth 4 uses 1/10 of the electromagnetic wave strength of Bluetooth 3.

‘NUGUNA Neckband ON’ model is a Bluetooth 4 using model and its connection with the app is through radio waves. This device works between 2.402 and 2.480 GHz RF. NUGUNA Neckband was designed to work in accordance to the RF exposure guidance and regulations of the WHO and local governments when used with a mobile device.

How do I charge my NUGUNA Neckband?

It is charged by a micro USB cable, which should be connected to the USB port on the device.

Can NUGUNA Neckband be charged while it is worn?

For safety reasons we suggest that you do not the device while it is being charged.

How often do you need to replace the battery?

At the moment, the battery cannot be replaced.

Can you replace the battery?

At the moment, the battery cannot be replaced.

How long can the battery work when fully charged?

Battery life might vary according to use. If the device vibrates once every minute, the battery will last for approximately 2 days (50 hours).

However, if a battery is suddenly being depleted in a significantly faster or unreasonably short period, please contact our support team at

If recharged properly and with reasonable use, battery life is very long. However, if used after a lengthy period of no use battery capacity will decrease after a few uses. Please do not expose the battery to extreme temperatures exceeding 50 ˚C (122) or below -10 ˚C (14 F). In order to maximize battery life it is suggested to keep it at room temperature. In very low temperatures battery life might decrease. The battery should be re-charged in an environment of between 10 ˚C (50 F) to 45 ˚C (113 F).

When can I receive a NUGUNA Neckband?

We are at the final stage of development, a mass produced model is expected to be shipped to consumers in December 2017.

Delivery is expected between the middle of December 2017 to the middle of January 2018.

How does the delivery process work? What are the delivery fees? (on Kickstarter)

We ship by using EMS.

The delivery fee is 23 USD. For other regions fare vary between 14~26 USD. (Business packs are excluded.)

What is the time of the warrantee?

There is a 1 year warrantee period. We will replace a device under warrantee if the malfunction is not due to the customers misuse.

If a device that exceeded the warrantee is malfunctioning it can be repaired. Please contact our support team.

Can I invest and are you looking for agents and distributors?

We are always excited to speak with anyone interested in joining our movement. If you are interested in getting involved as an investor, agent, or distributor, send us an email at and let’s start talking!



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